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Nicola Cairncross, Founder of The Business Success FactoryWelcome! Nicola Cairncross here, founder of The Business Success Factory.  I have been making money online for nearly 20 years now while bringing up two children, 100% working from home.

I help aspiring online entrepreneurs, also consultants and professionals who want to create an automated marketing machine, turn their knowledge skills and expertise into digital products and stop trading time for money.

I do that mainly via my “Fast Start Masterclass” and my Ultimate Facebook Ads course which includes constantly updated video based training, an awesome community and peer group support.

I also work with a limited number of people on a 1:2:1 basis which includes a day with me in Shoreham, followed by private Skype coaching sessions.  Heres’ what Beverley had to say about her experience:

bev-blanchardI had been looking for the right coach to assist me in setting up a brand new business. Having run many businesses over the years I knew exactly what I needed from a coach and required a different type of support in building a virtual online business.

Nicola & I spent a fabulous day together and I came away with clear goals and a plan of action, and I felt for the first time I was aligned and congruent with them. I knew they were achievable! I also knew that I had the right coach for my business and for me personally. I was totally inspired and couldn’t wait to get going!

Being new to internet marketing, and working with Nicola 1-2-1 enabled me to progress at a pace that worked and although learning something completely new is a challenge  – I felt supported and not out of my depth with the technical content – at least, not too much! Nicola not only introduced me to her suppliers, but has the knowledge of internet tools to short cut the route to being successful online. She also assisted me in recruiting a Virtual  Assistant so I wasn’t struggling to do everything myself, and left my time free for doing what I do best.

While working with Nicola, I appreciate the support in every way in,  so much so, that I’m going to start recording the skype coaching sessions, so I can play them back again and recap on the material covered – along with the reams of notes taken.

We are only halfway through the year and while It has been slower in getting to where we are than I expected – due mainly to an unexpected house move, however I feel the payoff is imminent now and the strategies are there for this business (and additional marketing campaigns).

I feel very excited about the possibilities for my business now, and without her support it would not have been possible.

Bev Blanchard,

Membership at any level gives you access to ALL my previous products & trainings, including the acclaimed Fast Start Masterclass, Ultimate Facebook Ads, Digital Products Made Simple, Perfect Online Business Plan, Digital Marketing Consultant, Spartan Marketing, How To Leverage Your Content, Podcasting For Business, The Money Gym, Manage Your Money Honey! and much more.

There are various levels of membership, one to suit every budget.  Your options are as follows:

Inner Circle

  • $79 Per Month
  • All Video Trainings
  • Private Online Members Forum
  • Monthly Q&A Mentoring Calls


  • On Application
  • All Video Trainings
  • Private Online Members Forum
  • Monthly Q&A Mentoring Calls
  • Weekly Q&A Mentoring Calls
  • Quarterly Dinners & Mastermind Days

VIP (Virtual/In Person)

  • On Application
  • All Video Trainings
  • Private Online Members Forum
  • Monthly Q&A Mentoring Calls
  • Weekly Q&A Mentoring Calls
  • Quarterly Dinners & Mastermind Days
  • VIP Day In Shoreham (Or On Skype)
  • Private 1:2:1 Mentoring Calls

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Why don’t you check out our Free Video Training, our  Testimonials Page or read the comments from some “Fast Start Masterclass” participants below?

Here’s What Our Students Say

“I’ve increased my business by over £90,000 over the last year.  The Fast Start Masterclass program does set out a step-by-step process. The mixture of video tuition, live Q&A sessions, an active support group as well as other resources within the members area means, as you are going through and doing the work, you are always able to get your
questions answered. Nicola is good working with those new to Internet & Facebook marketing, as well as those a bit more advanced. Of course, if you are not wanting to learn this all yourself, the programme is at a price point where you could assign your VA to learn and implement for you”. Irene Liddle,

“This programme has helped me to focus on honing my (marketing) message. It is well structured and there’s something in it for the social media novice and the more technically astute.
It is backed up by a weekly call and an active Facebook group in which Nicola pl
ays a very active and expert role. I have started to get more views on my website and am positive my message will reach more people by implementing Nicola’s proven methods. I am delighted to recommend this course to anybody who wants to start or improve their on-line business”. Paul Hookham, Owner, Exceedus Limited,

“I have been particularly impressed by
Nicola Cairncross‘ approach to teaching facebook ads in this programme. I’ve studied courses on the topic, and become very confused, yet she manages to explain very simply, in a couple of videos, how to do it for v
ery low cost. The programme takes you step by step, in an easy-to-understand way through everything you need to do to set up an online marketing campaign – and how wonderful that nowadays you can even do it without a website! Nicola is also very active in the facebook group, which means there is plenty of ongoing support between the group calls. Invaluable! Jane Lewis,

“I was determined to set up a cashflowing online business but was getting confused and overwhelmed by it all, with the usual ‘where do I start’ heebie-jeebies, which meant I never really got started properly! I decided to try Nicola Cairncross’s Triple
-M “Fast Start Masterclass”. With a mix of video tutorials, spreadsheets, live Q&A calls and a supportive Facebook group, Nicola takes you gently by the hand and walks you through the nuts and bolts of building a successful online presence, giving you the right info, at the right time and in the right order. Spoiler alert: you don’t even need a website to make an income online! My results: I’ve set up my own Facebook page focusing on a home office niche, and at the time of writing this have prepared an opt-in product to offer my target market, along with a draft of my first paid info-product. All that remains is to thank Nicola and the amazing people who are part of the Triple-M Facebook group for their support, feedback and encouragement. I wouldn’t have got this far without the Triple-M “Fast Start Masterclass” Hype-free bottom line: this works! Viviana Lotti

The Fast Start Master Class is an invaluable combination of strategy and tactics to get a new online business going quickly. She helps define and refine the overall “Big Picture” and then shows in detail how to achieve those objectives. Nicola really knows her stuff and cares deeply about the success of her students. Whether you are new to running an online business or have some experience, you could have no-one better to help you. I’ve had an online business for a few years and I joined Nicola’s Masterclass because I wanted to reassess my overall strategy as well as learn more about the details of using Facebook for marketing. In just a few weeks I’ve seen that I can help my customers much more than I previously realised and how I can reach many more potential customers without relying on Google. Brilliant! Nick Winter,