TBSF 036 | Jimena Cortes | LinkedIn Wizard

Jimena Cortes

Jimena Cortes arrived in the USA from Costa Rica, at the age of 8, then launched into the world of work at the age of 18 instead of going to college. Jimena is only 27 now but has grown her company, Wizard Media, to six figures within 2.5 years, primarily through using the power of… Read more

Your VIP Invite To My Book Launch Party


I am celebrating the publication of my second book “The Business Success Factory” by hosting a live video Google Hangout *gulp* reading of some of “Part 1 – Your Business Mind” You don’t have to buy the book to attend but we WILL be giving away lots of goodies for the first people who buy… Read more

TBSF 035 | Syd Michael | Auto Sales Superstar

Syd Michael - Digital Sales Academy

Syd Michael went from being a superstar auto sales manager in his early 20’s to starting a successful auto sales direct mail company before discovering internet marketing. Now he’s a best selling author on Amazon, and has written a hugely successful “Automotive Industry Exposed” course that has over 1750 members. Syd is also the proud… Read more

TBSF 033 | Tracy Repchuk | Business Building Mentor


Nicola Cairncross interviews Tracy Repchuk on how she built a global Author, Speaker and Mentoring business while home schooling her three kids. Tracy shares her success secrets, what she invests in and how she stays sharp. iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud More from Tracy Repchuk Tracy Repchuk is an online marketing and social media speaker and… Read more

TBSF 032 | Jonathan Otto | Million Dollar Video Maker


Nicola interviews Jonathan Otto on creating videos that make his clients millions of dollars; how he came to work with Mike Filsaime; and what it was like moving from Australia to San Diego.  Due to the fact there is only one of Jonathan, he’s now satisfying the insatiable demand for his money-making style of video,… Read more

Business Diary | Masterminding In Gatwick


I went to Gatwick yesterday to Mastermind, I do that once a quarter and I really look forward to it. It’s invite only, there’s a pool of about 20 of us in the Facebook group but once a date is announced, it’s first 12 to book that get to go. I haven’t missed one yet…. Read more

TBSF 029 | Dave Repchuk | Business Systems Specialist

Dave Repchuk - InnerSurf International

Dave Repchuk spills the beans on what it’s like to come from a corporate software background to run Tracy Repchuk’s information publishing empire, while Tracy goes off globally writing, speaking & mentoring their students. Subscribe in iTunes | Subscribe in Stitcher | Subscribe in SoundCloud About Dave Repchuk David Repchuk came from a corporate background… Read more

TBSF 028 | Mike Stewart | The Internet Audio and Video Guy

Mike Stewart from Soundpages - also known as the Internet Audio and Vido Guy

Mike Stewart, speaker, musician and hardcore Beatles fan tells his story of going from Nashville songwriter to Internet Audio and Video guy and the hardest business decision he has ever had to make, right at the peak of his earnings. We also discuss one of Mike’s clients “Hal the BugCatcher” who, by following Mike’s advice… Read more

Business Diary | What Would A Truck Driver Do?


It’s been a week to test the patience of a saint, I tell you!  One week to really practice my “bug free mind” techniques and I’m pleased to say that that practice paid off.  In spite of the stress levels caused by circumstances, that could have easily overwhelmed me and made me ineffective as an… Read more

TBSF 027 | Mike Warren | Multi Million Business Investor

Mike Warren - Real Estate and Business Investor

Mike Warren buys and sells multi-million turnover businesses, often “no money down” and travels the world sharing with others how to do that. But life wasn’t always first class travel and million dollar paydays.  Mike had to literally learn how to defend himself in order to survive his early home life… Subscribe in iTunes |… Read more