Building A Brand For Your Entrepreneurial Venture


I don’t have very much time for logos and stuff, as you may recall from my previous experience of someone telling me how awful my branding was and offering to rebrand this website while all my clients pretty much 100% hated the proposed changes.   Click that text link above and scroll down to “Does My… Read more

Entrepreneurs | How To Successfully Dodge Failure

One of my favourite entrepreneurs blogs in the whole wide world is and today there is a brilliant post by Nathaneal Mohr with two short videos on the topic of how you can successfully dodge failure as an entrepreneur. He’s very serious in the first video but in the second he’s much more relaxed… Read more

What Comes Even BEFORE The Law Of Attraction


When I make my mind up to do something in business, I don’t just sit around waiting for the Law Of Attraction to work for me, I start to take action and I’ve often considered that to be the most important part of the word Attraction……….Action.  So you could say that even BEFORE the Law… Read more

Business Blog Diary – Why Bother?

Business Blog Diary Post - Why Bother?

After I wrote my Business Blog diary post yesterday I was left feeling a little bit unsatisfied with myself.  Sure, adding new original content each week to a business blog, which is always going to be naturally full of key phrases, is always good for the search engines, but a Business Blog Diary style post… Read more

Business Diary | Willpower, MacDonalds, Podcasts & Flashmobs


Feeling A Bit Lacking In Willpower As January Finishes?   I’ve just finished the most amazing book for aspiring successful entrepreneurs called “Willpower – Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength” by Roy. F. Baumeister & John Tierney. Recommended by my business mentor, I started reading it in my quest to succeed in some of my personal goals for… Read more

Successful Entrepreneurs | 5 Surprising Traits They All Share

“There is no such thing as a “typical” successful entrepreneur” According to Adelaide Lancaster, Co-founder, In Good Company Workplaces & Author, The Big Enough Company. “We come in all shapes, sizes and flavors. Still, myths abound, and most of us walk around with a specific caricature of what an entrepreneur is like in our minds. Most… Read more